Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Age of the Unsigned

Age of the unsigned - Manila Standard Today

As the title says, this is indeed the age of the unsigned music artist. The Internet makes that possible, but most unsigned artists may not feel that way. Whether the artist or band is just a talent force to be reckoned with, total luck, perseverance, right place at the right time or the stars aligning, most will not see the success of the Bieber. (See article link above.) Certainly the positioning of one’s self and their music online is one key to “making it”.

Because of the Internet, the music business has changed drastically, as the industry can now look for an artist coming up that has entire networks connected to them via YouTube or Facebook so they are already marketed to an extent. That goes a long way for a company as it is less expensive to market a total unknown.

The indie or unsigned musician may still be wondering how to get that network/community going in the first place to build his or her web presence. Offered here are a few suggestions to get started.

I’m sure you have seen the commercial about everything on the Internet is true? Well, a big truth is that a lot of things on the Internet are permanent and very public. So a silly spat, rant, or drunken video could do more harm than good. An artist must protect his music name on the web as much as uploading his or her latest creation to the web.

Do a search on “improving your digital footprint” and read everything you can to promote your name or band name in a “good way”. What I mean by this is how do you want to be known on the internet to not confuse your web presence? A lot of your online music persona is thinking about what you want to project BEFORE you click submit.

If you want to be a pro in the music business – be a professional, in attitude, in what is written, what is responded to, what is uploaded and what is presented.

You may want to consider separating the music web presence from the personal web stuff that you would share with close friends and family. You could use an alter ego login (or family nick name) when you want to cut loose. Look at it this way, your alter ego could “discover” you and be your first fan.

From your music profile, on Artistopia and elsewhere, your email, and all your communications – be consistent with your reputation and digital footprint ALWAYS in mind.

Music sites like Artistopia give you the opportunity to lay out a professional music presentation and have tools to help you promote yourself.

Keywords and key phrases with an ear to their popularity should be used in your music profile to identify who you are, what you do, and what you want to accomplish. That means if you are a singer say so, but importantly, project what you sing and how. Include your genre(s), if you write your own songs, what kind of band you are. Think what people would type to find you.

Knowing how to get around the Internet well help in you being found on the Internet. See more music promotion articles on our blog for much more information and tips to building your web presence, and if the stars are just right, maybe you be discovered!
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